Masjid Al- Azim

The Masjid Al-Azim project was done spectacularly by DPS and was the only contractor out of 9 other contractors that has managed to succeed in constructing this magnificent Mosque. It is designed using Malay/ Javanese houses found in this part of the Malay Peninsula. Known as the State Masjid of Malacca. It fits more than a thousand people and consists of some of the most uniquely designed architecture and landscape which is different from all other mosque in Malaysia. This type of mosque architecture will only be seen in Malacca. This project is also one of the most toughest project due to its architectural detailing, special raw materials used also the most important part the Mihrab a niche in the wall that indicates the direction of Mecca, towards which all Muslims pray, Minaret a tower adjacent or attached to a mosque, Sahn the most fundamental necessity of congregational mosque architecture and Qubba the Arabic name of the domes in the mosque.